African Dirndl from:


Dirndlherz (Vienna)

Dirndl al africaine (Munich)

Drindl is a word in the Bavarian dialect for girl. So the dirndl wore a dirndl. It was the working dress of the peasant in the alpine region. It consists of a bodice, a blouse (the former bra), a long skirt and a long apron (to protect the skirt from dirt). With the beginning of the tourism at the end of the 19. century the urban population in Munich and Vienna discovered these costume and pimped it up with silver and silk. On the other hand the countryside people developed local costume traditions and associations. The dirndl today has a tight bustier with a square décolleté, a white blouse, a wide skirt and an apron. You can cover your hips and pronounce your bust – even an A cup. It looks pretty on small or voluptuous women. You can be sexy or cover up. Contrary to tradition some show their legs in short skirts. Or sport sneaker instead of ballerinas or lacquer pumps. The season for dirndl is the Oktoberfest. Only since twenty years most of the 3 million female visitors from every continent show up with a dirndl at these 16 crazy days in Munich.